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Our goal at Flagship Sites is to provide a quick, professional web solution at an affordable price. Unlike other web or design studios, we provide a product that was specifically created to help businesses get on the web, without selling the farm.

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The software behind Flagship is based off a pay-it-forward model. All of our sites are interconnected in a way that if a security, functional or visual update is made, they will be applied to all of our customers' websites, automagically, at no additional charge. Please check out the examples below to get a better idea of the service we can provide for you.


Our software is flexible enough to build almost any type of website. It was specifically created to allow us to provide the service of building a website similar to purchasing a product off a shelf. We provide a service at a fixed rate, with no hidden fees.



  • Template-based Design
  • Site Hosting
  • Monthly Updates
  • Easy to Use Content Editor



  • Everything From Starter Tier
  • Custom Design
  • Blog Integration
  • Social Media Platform



  • Site Creator
  • Unlimited Web Site Hosting
  • Support Ticket System
  • Client Billing System

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