We Build Websites.

We create beautifully designed web and mobile sites that are tailored towards your business. Our goal at Flagship Sites is to provide a quick professional web solution at an affordable price. We're much different than a web or design studio that provides a service at a high cost, but instead we are a company that provides a product that was specifically created to help small businesses get on the web without selling the farm.

One Size Fits All

The software behind Flagship Sites is flexible enough to build almost any type of website. It's even used to create our own site, the one you're on right now! Our software was specifically created to allow us to provide the service of building a website similar to purchasing a product off a shelf. We only ask for a small setup fee of $299 (which will require a few short meetings to discuss your needs), and a $4.99 monthly hosting/server fee (which also includes free web updates).

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How It Works

You're probably asking yourself, "How does it work? It almost sounds too good to be true." At Flagship we've devised a pay-it-forward model. All of our sites are interconnected in a way that if a security update or visual update is made, they will be applied to all of our sites. Also any custom modules we add to the software is immediately available to all of our customers. So for instance, if we were hired to create a newsletter system for a particular site, all of our customers can ask us to add that module to their own site at no additional charge, and almost automagically.

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Give us a call at (555) 555-5555 or shoot us an email.

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